I would like to say thank you to: My love, my friends and family, who always support me and the music i do, my band mates THE POLLYWOGS, who went me with one stage since i was 12, Bronko and everyone of my beloved team, who give me motivation and space to work, David Hasert & Shumi Okinawa, who believed in me and supported me and the style of my music from the very beginning, thanks everyone who still listens to my music for many years now. If it was Punkrock, Indie, Techno, or just a stupid line of a poem i wrote, this is a mix of everything. This record is special to me, because I just wanted to make something which is outside of every genre, and which works at home and in the club. Never giving a single fuck, nerds should hate this one here but this is just me, my loops, guitars and cowbells. Feel free to share the first of three parts, put it in your Spotify playlist and get excited for next chapter which includes more songs, remixes by amazing artists, and of course the next musicvideo to 'Trippin On You' which is out very soon. Releaseparty is tonight at Acephale in Cologne. Yours, B