A restless genius-in-the-making like Kessler’s wasn’t to be confined to the indie mosh pit, soon discovering the forbidden pleasures of club life and electronic dance music. He started curating his own DJ sets for sweaty dance floors – and also took his new-found passion to the mixing desk, where he’d churn out his first techno and house tracks, quickly locking in a unique blend of minimalistic, percussion-heavy dance beats, vocal loops and in-your-face songwriting. Highly idiosyncratic and fairly unpredictable, a Kessler jam is almost always a pretty kinetic affair, infusing the electronic flow with a well-needed dose of snotty punk rock and his slightly questionable behavior holding an SM57 in one hand and a drum stick in the other – a strategy that finds its most accomplished application on his upcoming album “New Feel” that enables Kessler to take the conventional DJ set to a live escapade.

Following energetic releases on underground labels such as Coméme, Get Physical, LIKE Records, Low Hanging Fruit and more recently Jackmaster’s Numbers imprint, Bryan Kessler’s latest full-length “New Feel” presents a booty shaking, action-packed selection of slow motion mutant disco belters and riff-ready stadium synth tunes.

This Press Kit contains a full biography, high resolution pictures and cover art.